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SPMU is created using a machine with various needle sizes and techniques to create a vary of desired looks. This technique is used to create Ombre Brow, Powder Brow and Lip Blush.

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Micro Blading

A semi permanent male up technique used to enhance the appearance of your brows. The technique is where pigment is gentle scratched into the skin to create fine hair strokes to enhance and build up your natural brow.

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Lip Blush

Lip Blush Creates a colour pigment to the lip. This is done using the machine technique to create your perfect lip blush. This will mean you wont need to apply that all important lipstick each day!


Semi-pmu consultation Free (£50 deposit payable at time of booking)
  • Ombre Brow £235.00 - Inc complimentary 6-8 week top up session
  • Microblading £200.00 - Inc complimentary 6-8 weeks top up session
  • Combination Brow £285.00 - Inc complimentary 6-8 week topup session
  • Lip Blush £235.00 - Inc complimentary 6-8 weeks top up session
  • Lip Liner £180.00 - Eye Enhancement (liner) £180.00

Annual Maintenance

  • Ombre Brow £150.00
  • Microblading £150.00
  • Lip Blush £180.00
Laura Boddy

Laura Boddy

Laura Boddy is our in house semi permeant makeup artist. Laura offers all aspects of semi permeant make up. Laura specialises in brows, lips & eye enhancement using only the best pigments, techniques and tools.

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